About the Michigan Center for Adult College Success

Collaborate. Innovate. Transform.

Our Governing Council

Although our parent organization, TalentFirst, is a West Michigan-focused organization, our scope is statewide. Therefore, our governing council includes leaders and subject matter experts from across Michigan. They are:

Chris Baldwin, senior fellow at the National Center for Inquiry and Improvement

Brian Calley, president of the Small Business Association of Michigan

Todd Gustafson (Chair), president & CEO of nonprofit Kinexus

Jim Jacobs, president emeritus of Macomb Community College

Amy Lee (Vice Chair), president of the Michigan Workforce Training and Education Collaborative

Chandra Madafferi, president of the Michigan Education Association

Bill Rayl, executive director of the Michigan Manufacturers Association

Kevin Stotts, president of TalentFirst

Sarah Szurpicki, director of Sixty x 30 for the state of Michigan

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Our Purpose

The Center will serve as the state’s primary resource for research, support and best practices on increasing adult enrollment and completion of credentials and degrees.

Our Vision

The Center will be a national role model by making Michigan the leader in adult enrollment and completion of credentials and degrees.


Focus on all adults and their attainment of credentials and degrees by any path so they can thrive.


Establish partnerships with all interested Michigan postsecondary institutions to support their efforts to increase enrollment and completion numbers.

Provide value-added resources on best practices for increasing adult enrollment and completion with support to tailor those best practices to Michigan postsecondary institutions.

Award 75% of grant funds to institutions to implement best practices and pilot new programs aimed at increased credential completion.

Critically evaluate programs and processes designed to boost credential attainment and enrollment.

Facilitate statewide symposiums and regional conversations to share best practices and inspire innovation.

Identify and procure sustainable source of funding to continue and complete the Center’s work and fulfill its purpose.